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Kevin McCarthy steps up as President of Local 194

November 13, 2013

On Friday, November 8, 2013, Local 194 President and Business Manager Fran Ehret resigned as President and gave notice she will be leaving Local 194 at the end of the month to go to work for CWA NJ as a state staff representative. She will continue on as Business Manager until the end of November in order to transition with Kevin McCarthy who moved up from 1st Vice-President to President, effective close of business Friday. President McCarthy will serve out the remainder of the 2-years of the 3-year term.

In December, Kevin is starting his 25th year as a Maintenance Person with the NJ Turnpike Authority and as member of Local 194. Over the years he has served as a Shop Steward, and on the Executive Board as Sergeant-at-Arms, and Maintenance Grievance Chairperson prior to being elected 1st Vice-President. He is on the Apprentice Committee and has a certificate in Public Sector Labor Relations from Rutgers School of Management and Labor Relations.

President McCarthy is a die-hard trade unionist who can be found all over the state supporting other unions and various social justice campaigns. Very active with the union's political action program, Kevin also understands the need to work in coalition with other like-minded community and labor groups. He will be representing Local 194 on the Middlesex-Somerset Central Labor Council, replacing Fran as a Vice-President.

President McCarthy cares about all of the members of Local 194, Office employees, Toll Collectors and of course the Maintenance, Technicians, and Trades groups. He intends to work with the Executive Board to fight to preserve jobs and for a fair contract for ALL Local 194 members!

2nd Vice-President Nate Boone from the Payroll Department moves up the 1st Vice-President. He is currently the longest serving Executive Board member and previously served as Office Grievance Chairperson. Wanda Gilliam, 3rd Vice-President from the Part-time Tolls group moves up to 2nd Vice-President. Wanda was an active member of the United Auto Workers before coming to the Pike, and serves as Secretary for their Retiree Committee in Bergen County. As a Vice-President, Wanda has been working with Tolls Grievance Chairperson Henderson Fleming and Business Agent Bill Mullins on handlimg problems and concerns for all the Toll Collectors.

Ray Aufiero, a Local 194 member going into his 29th year, has been appointed as Acting 3rd Vice-President to fill the vacancy left by Fran leaving. Ray is a Stock Service Clerk, but spent the majority of his career as a Toll Collector, working mostly at Interchange 9. He previously served the membership as a Shop Steward and Chapter Officer. Ray has a family history with Local 194 that goes beyond himself. Ray's father-in-law, Gerry "the Bat" Battaglia was a founding member and former President of Local 194, under whom, the union made many substantial gains. Ray is very proud that his son Paul has inherited his family's union spirit and serves as a CWA Shop Steward where he works for Human Rights Watch.

Errol Swaby, also recently stepped down as Sergeant-at-Arms. He was a terrific advocate for members and because he is a younger member, brought a unique perspective that will be missed. Todd Boron, a Maintenance Person from District 1 has been appointed Acting Sergeant-at-Arms. Todd started his career as a Temporary Janitor, moved up to full-time as a Janitor, was promoted to Toll Collector and transferred to Maintenance Person. He served previously as a Shop Steward and Chapter Officer, and is a very active member and constant volunteer for the local's political action program.

Nominations to fill the interim vacancies of 3rd Vice-President and Sergeant-at-Arms will occur at the January General Membership meeting. Both Ray and Todd intend to run to finish out the 2-years left on the terms of their respective offices.